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DU is a furniture, art, design and social innovation studio based in the US. We design furniture from the inspiration of nature. The designs are informed by the poetry of geometry. In our practice, we combine art and technology with a certain natural aesthetic. We look for interdisciplinary solutions for complex social issues. We campaign for social equity and inclusion. We explore spatial politics. We design a more friendly and inclusive space for all. We create a future for a better world. 

    Jeremy DU is a designer and artist. His design practice is focusing on material exploration and experiential experimentation. His works consist related to objects constructions, drawings, paintings, furniture, ceramics, glass, and jewelry. Jeremy’s processes, emerge from drawing, writing, and making. As an architectural designer, he is using water as a generative medium. His architectural practice focuses on the art aesthetic as well as, techniques, technologies, and tectonics.

    Jeremy graduated from the Master of Architecture program at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2018. At RISD, he received AIA-RI Norton Salk Scholarship for Design Excellence award in 2016, as well as several other merit-based scholarships and awards. His graduate work included the completion of RISD’s Optic Research Program in the Glass Department, RISD’s Rammed Earth Research Program, and independent study with acclaimed photographer Henry Horenstein.



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